Tri-City Corvette Club

John & Mona Berry

I have had 3 corvettes in my life an 01 C5 silver coupe, a red 06 C6 Z06 and currently a 2015 C7 silver stingray. I have always loved the horsepower over the bling but I enjoy seeing both, so that said my 01 coupe was modded with a really nice custom sound system that really rocked cars shows, then the fever got me and I wanted the horsepower so I bought my first real dream car a used 2006 C6 Z06 and loved it. But as always needed more horsepower so I had engine work, headers, cam and tuned and put down 560 rwh and boy did it sound good. Well then the C7 came out and wow what a car, so I test drove it and loved it but it lacked the horsepower I wanted so I decided to go ahead and buy the C7 and supercharge it and add headers, AFE intake and a Alky Meth Kit and it is a monster at 707 rwh. My wife can drive it because it is an automatic and drives like stock until you get into it then it goes from Dr. Jackal to Mr. Hyde in a heartbeat and wants to tear the road up. I love all corvettes but I am a horsepower performance guy first and always. But the best thing about owning a corvette is being in our club with some great people who really care about others and share the same passion for corvettes.