Tri-City Corvette Club

John and Leann Decker

In the mid seventies I would see new Stingrays running around on the roads when I was out with my parents. I fell in love with Corvettes at about the age of 10. I would tell my parents that "I want one of those when I grow up". Well, after I grew up I not only got one, but I have owned 7 different models. My first Corvette was a 2000 C5 Coupe. Then I bought a 2006 C6 Convertible. Then I found another C6 Convertible so I bought it and we had two. His and hers. While owning the two C6's, I bought a 75 C3 Stingray Coupe. Our first new Corvette was bought in 2014. It was the new Stingray Coupe. Then I purchased a 1973 Stingray Convertible. We currently own a 2011 Grand Sport Convertible. As you can see, I have loved the Corvette from a very young age and still continue to love this car and the people we have made friends with thru the car club and other events around SE TX.