Dear Fellow Corvette Enthusiast,
Greetings on behalf of myself, the officers, the ambassadors and general membership of the Tri-City Corvette Club. The Tri-City Corvette Club is comprised of Corvette owners throughout Southeast Texas who promote fellowship among its membership and is an organization that provides a source of information about Corvettes to those needing assistance. As a result of our increased numbers over the past years, we have become more civic-minded and community oriented. We provide Corvettes for the parades at various festivals, for homecoming dignitaries at area high schools, for mall car shows, car rallies, and other special occasions.

We donate time and club money to local charities like Buckner's Children's Home,  Southeast Texas Food Bank, and the Jefferson County Foster Children's Program, and The Humane Society of Southeast Texas. We are also proud to sponsor a scholarship to a deserving Lamar University upperclassman.  In May we produce Southeast Texas' largest all Corvette Car Show.

Our membership is growing all the time. We have a collection of the finest cars and people the area can offer. I invite you to meet the necessary requirements for admission as stated in the club by-laws so that you can become part of this exciting organization.

I look forward to meeting each of you!

Pat Francis
President- Tri-City Corvette Club.

Glenn Judice

C7 Coupe

Bryan Serafino

C6 Grand Sport Coupe

John Berry - Vice President

C7 ZO6 Convertible

Coach Burgess

C6 Convertible

club support team

Brad Metz

C5 Coupe

at-large members

Rod Johnstone

C6 GS Convertible

Chip Majors - Treasurer

C7 ZO6 Coupe

To promote fellowship among Corvette owners’, in general, and Club members, in particular, and to provide a source of information about Corvettes to those needing assistance. The Club will participate in charitable activities as provided in the budget and voted on by the membership. 



Tri-City Corvette Club

NCM Ambassador - Glenn Johnson 
Newsletter Editor -  Jane Barron
Webmaster - Ronnie Jones     
Membership Director - Linda Buteaud
Club Photographer - Ronnie Jones


Activities - John Decker
Sponsorship & Marketing - Brad Metz
Scholarship / Charities - Cathy Long
​Car Show - Mike White

Pat Francis - President

C7 Grand Sport Coupe

Mike White - Past President

C2 Convertible

club officers

Cathy Long - Secretary

C5 Convertible



John Decker

C7 Coupe